Data networking and learning environments

8.1 Username and password

When starting your studies, you will receive a username and password for the school’s systems. As a student, you are committed to following the rules and instructions issued by the educational institution’s ICT administration services. The rules and instructions are available on the Itslearning learning environment’s instruction page.

You can change your password in the study affairs office or the ICT administration services. You must always present a proof of identification with a photograph in matters related to usernames and passwords.

8.2 Wilma – student, guardian and teacher interface

Wilma is the online interface of Business College Helsinki’s study administration system. You can find a link to Wilma from the college’s website, and more detailed instructions about it from the Itslearning platform. Your password for Wilma is the same as when logging in the network.

In Wilma, you can select your studies, monitor your own performance and timetables, read notifications, and communicate with teachers and staff.

Teachers record assessment and absences using Wilma, and communicate with students and guardians.
Guardians monitor and clarify student absences in Wilma, communicate with teachers and read school notifications. A minor student’s guardian may review the student’s performances using the guardian interface. Guardians must also sign off minor students’ absences in the system. Adult students sign off their absences themselves. Adult students’ guardians may also review the information if the student has allowed them to do so.

8.2 Itslearning

Business College’s digital learning environment is called Itslearning. It contains a wide variety of different tools and functions to support the students’ learning process and teaching.

You can log in to Itslearning on a web browser at You log in the system using the same username and password as the educational institution’s computers and network. There is also an Itslearning mobile application that can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store.

In Itslearning, implementations (courses) are primarily based on qualification units. Participations (teachers, students) are transferred to the implementations automatically through the study administration system Primus.

Each user has their own personal e-portfolio and a blog on Itslearning. There, you can document your learning and make your own professional competence visible.

Content from other digital learning environments, such as social media services, may be linked and embedded to Itslearning, if necessary. This way, Itslearning collects together the documentation of a student’s learning process and supporting materials, assignments and other activities.

8.3 iPads and mobile learning

Business College has iPads for the use of students and teachers that can be borrowed and used in teaching and learning. The teachers can borrow the iPads for their lessons from the ICT administration services. The students can borrow the iPads for the duration of their on-the-job learning, for instance. The request must come from the teacher supervising the on-the-job learning or group instructor. A written borrowing agreement will be created.

Camera equipment
The educational institution has digital cameras, video cameras, 360 cameras and suitable tripods for the use of the students and teachers. In addition, you can borrow wireless and lavalier microphones as well as a speaker amplifier on wheels. Contact the information desk if you wish to borrow cameras or tripods. A written borrowing agreement will be created.

Image processing
The personnel and students may be granted access to Adobe’s Creative Cloud software (for instance, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro etc.). Contact ICT administration services for more details.

3D printing
The educational institution has two 3D printers for the use of the personnel and students. Contact ICT administration services for more details.