Dear Student

Dear new student,

Congratulations on your great decision to study at Business College Helsinki! We are very happy to have you onboard. The college is owned by the Foundation of Finnish Business College, and the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce. This means you will be studying at a place with a direct connection to working life – and a desire to develop it. Both young people and adults attend Helsinki Business College, so you will find yourself alongside approximately 2,800 students of business management or information and communications technology.

We support you throughout your studies in developing your expertise and learning how to learn. Remember to be active, take initiative and request and give feedback often. Familiarise yourself well with this Study Guide. It contains important information and tips to help you make the most of your studies.

After completing your Qualification in Business Management, you will have excellent opportunities to find your professional path and an occupation in Finland and abroad. Seize the opportunity! I wish you good luck and success with your studies!

Antti Loukola, Principal