Welcome to Business College Helsinki

Business College Helsinki is the largest organiser of Vocational Qualification in Business Management studies and Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology studies in Finland. We also offer vocational further and continuing education and training. We have extensive experience and a good reputation as an expert in high-quality vocational training and its developer in an international and multicultural operating environment. As a significant education and training organiser, we can provide our students with diverse education offering, high-quality teaching and guidance and great connections to working life. Our operations support the development and success of our students and partners.

The organiser of the education and training, and the administrator of our educational institution is Helsinki Business College Ltd. The institute is owned in equal shares by the Foundation of Finnish Business College, and the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce. This means we are a privately owned educational institution. The tasks and obligations of the organiser of education and training are defined in the permit to organise education and training.

1.2 Our Way of Working

We educate and train students to become professionals that are able to adapt to changes, and meet the needs of the working life.

Cornerstones of our operations:
STUDENT-CENTERED APPROACH Creating a personal study plan is an essential tool to identify a student’s personal competence needs, and to ensure that every student reaches their learning objectives. We support our students in finding appropriate workplaces for their on-the-job learning, and take care of the guidance of students’ comprehensive learning. In this way, we care for the individual, and want to support each student in learning, to ensure their graduation, finding employment and expertise. The students receive sufficient teaching, guidance and support for their professional growth and development. All members of our community are entitled to a safe learning environment where everyone works according to clear rules that have been agreed upon together.

RESPONSIBILITY We treat each other equally and fairly. We support, encourage and give feedback. Everyone is prepared to give their best to achieve common goals. We do what we have promised and stick to our agreements. We understand and live up to our social responsibility in accordance with the expectations of our stakeholders. We are a pioneer in the development of vocational education.

COOPERATION We work in an open atmosphere of trust. We respect and listen to one another. We succeed together by sharing our competence and by closely cooperating with the working life and our partners. Our operations are goal-oriented and create results. All members of our working community are responsible for building a strong sense of community.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP We are innovative, proactive and dare to take controlled risks. We promote the creation of new business. Through vocational education, we offer a practical path to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship includes growing into an active and proactive individual, an entrepreneurial mindset on all levels of the society and the basic skills and information needed to become an entrepreneur.

1.3 Fields of Education

We provide Vocational Qualification in Business Management and Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology studies for young people and adults in Finnish and English. In addition, we offer further and specialist qualifications and further education for adult students. We have approximately 2,800 students.

1.4 Personnel

A total of 130 people work in Business College Helsinki.
The educational institution’s management group is created by the following people:
Principal/Managing Director Antti Loukola
Vice Principal, Data Management, Quality and Student Services Heli Huotari
Education Director (youth) Antti Sirainen
Education Director (adults) Kirsi Järvinen
Director, Customer Relations and Sales Vesa Jokela
Director of Finance and Administration Hannu Nyyssölä

1.5 At Your Service

Tutor teachers, Student Affairs Office, Job Services, study counsellors, helpdesk and school info will help you in everyday matters related to your studies. In matters related to student welfare, you can contact the special education teachers, curators, psychologists and the student health care services. If necessary, the educational institution will provide also remedial teaching or the opportunity to complete studies in an open learning environment to support the studies. If you are interested in multicultural or international operations in Finland or abroad, please contact our international affairs coordinators.

1.5.1 Tutor teacher

Each new student has their own PCDP tutor teacher. PCDP is short for personal competence development plan. The tutor teacher is your closest contact person in Business College Helsinki who you can turn to with all matters related to your studies. Throughout your studies, the PCDP tutor teacher supports you and creates your personal competence development plan (PCDP) together with you. The PCDP is a plan of your studies, training and vocational skills demonstrations. Together with you, the PCDP tutor teacher defines the objectives of your studies, plans the ways of acquiring expertise and the schedule and helps you in achieving the goals agreed upon together.

The PCDP tutor teacher also introduces you to the customs of the college, and how to complete your qualification. The PCDP tutor teacher monitors the development of your competence, the progress of your studies.

1.5.2 Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office is located on the second floor. You can find the opening hours of the office, forms related to studying, and topical releases from our college’s electronic learning platform Itslearning, in the Students’ instructions section. You can submit most of the forms via e-mail as an attachment, using the Business College Helsinki e-mail address. You can find additional information about submission on the forms.

We serve students in the following matters, among others:

  • Issuing network passwords
  • Issuing student certificates and transcripts of records
  • Issuing discount certificates for train and bus tickets
  • Submitting financial aid and school travel aid applications to Kela (the Social Insurance Institution in Finland)
  • Applying for qualification certificates

Be prepared to show a proof of identification with your photograph at the Student Affairs Office.

With certificates and other documents, be prepared for waiting times. It usually takes us at least one working day to issue the documents. All changes related to your studies, such as changes in your personal details and address, transition from a full-time student to a part-time student or vice versa, and temporarily or completely suspending your studies must be reported to the student affairs office immediately.

You are obligated to give the educational institution your up-to-date contact details (address, telephone number, e-mail). The changed information can be updated on Wilma (Forms -> Contact details). The educational institution is not responsible for any damage or loss of benefit if the contact details are not up-to-date.

Student Affairs Office Contact Details
Business College Helsinki
Student Affairs Office
Rautatieläisenkatu 5
00520 Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0)9 1489 0490

Study Affairs Secretaries’ Contact Details
Hanne-Riitta Haapakorpi, hanne-riitta.haapakorpi@bc.fi
Hannele Kurucz, hannele.kurucz@bc.fi
Liisa Kustura, liisa.kustura@bc.fi
Marjatta Nyman, marjatta.nyman@bc.fi
Ulla Schroderus, ulla.schroderus@bc.fi
Suvi Tyynismaa, suvi.tyynismaa@bc.fi

Financial Aid for Students
Submit the study grant application at the Student Affairs Office. Business College Helsinki will send the application directly to Kela with the appropriate markings of the educational institution.
You must plan and complete your studies during the academic year so that you have 22.5–30 competence points per term and an average of 4.5 competence points per month. If the student doesn’t accrue a sufficient number of approved studies during the term, Kela will be notified. Kela may discontinue paying the study grant until the issue has been solved. The study grant may be admitted for a period of time corresponding to the extent of vocational education studies. Keep in mind that if you are getting some of your former studies identified as prior learning, and they become a part of your current studies, the transferred competence points always shorten the period for the study grant. For instance, if you have 22.5 transferred competence points, the study grant period is shortened by a month.

School Transport Subsidy
You can apply for a subsidy for your school travels if your one-way travel distance to the educational institution from your apartment is a minimum of 10 kilometres and your travel costs exceed 54 euros a month. When using your own transport method, travel costs are reimbursed for up to 100 kilometres. Submit the school transport subsidy application to the student affairs office in person. They will check the information required for getting the discount.

Students preparing for a competence-based qualification are not entitled to school transport subsidy.

KELA adviser
Hanne-Riitta Haapakorpi, hanne-riitta.haapakorpi@bc.fi, tel. +358 (0)40 701 6225.
During the Student Affairs Office’s opening hours or by appointment.

1.5.3 Job Services

Training at the workplace and demonstrations of competences are part of the education. Demonstrations of competences are organised either with a training or an apprenticeship contract. During the work period, you get to show your skills in real working life. Before the start of the work period, you must have completed the vocational studies that provide the competence required in the vocational skills demonstrations.

Business College’s Job Services advise the students, employers, supervising teachers and personnel in all matters related to learning and vocational skills demonstrations. Job Services provide guidance with the communications, certificates, statistics and practical guidance related to the demonstrations.

Educational Coordinators serving students in matters related to training at the workplace:
Markita Hallbäck-Tuomas, tel. +358 (0)44 775 6310
Marja Sulkakoski, tel. +358 (0)44 775 6426
Job Services e-mail is duunipalvelut@bc.fi.
Job Services reception hours: Job Services, 2nd floor, room 248,
Monday to Thursday from 13:00 to 15:00 or by appointment.

The student can contact duunipalvelut@bc.fi in matters related to demonstrations of competences and get to know the matter on the educational institution’s website (www.bc.fi).

You find the assessment criteria of each module in the section Composition of the Vocational Qualification in Business Management.

You can find the positions meant for our students from Wilma under Vacancies. If necessary, you can contact Job Services for more information.

1.5.4. Study Counsellors

You have been appointed your own PCDP tutor teacher who supports you and creates your personal competence development plan (PCDP) together with you. The PCDP is a plan in Wilma that contains your studies as well as training and competence demonstrations documents. In addition, the study counsellors Kati Heikkilä, Santeri Laakso and Sari Tuovila are here for you. The study counsellors support and advise you in different matters related to your studies and life in general and plan individual support structures together with the PCDP tutor teacher. You can also contact the study counsellors for matters related to further education and graduation.

Study Counsellors’ Contact Details
Kati Heikkilä, kati.heikkila@bc.fi, tel. 044 775 6356
Santeri Laakso, santeri.laakso@bc.fi, tel. 044 775 6014
Sari Tuovila, sari.tuovila@bc.fi, tel. 050 375 9926

1.5.5 Curators and psychologists

Turn to the curator if you need support in advancing your studies, stirring your motivation or if you have questions related to livelihood or housing. Loneliness or troubles in the family or relationships may also be a reason for seeing the curator.
Curators’ Contact Details
Marja-Liisa Hiltunen, marja-liisa.hiltunen@bc.fi
Marja Lahti, marja.lahti@hel.fi
Malla Willberg, malla.willberg@bc.fi

Psychologists’ task is to promote the well-being of young people and support their studies.
You can contact the psychologists in matters related to study motivation, coping, nervousness, stress, anxiety and depression.

Psychologists’ Contact Details

Kirsi Raunela, tel +358 (0)40 668 3305, kirsi.raunela@hel.fi

Raija Salonen, tel. +358 (0)50 402 5553, raija.salonen@hel.fi

1.5.6 Special needs support
You can turn to our special education teachers, the teacher responsible for special education, or our study counsellors when you have a need for special support because of learning difficulties, injuries, illness or another reason. If you need continuous educational support, or student welfare services, you can get a decision for special support. You are then entitled to have an individual special support plan made, and you have the opportunity to study according to the plan.

Special support contact details: Vesa Löytynoja, Special Education Teacher, vesa.loytynoja@bc.fi and Ritva Pakkanen, Teacher in charge of Special Education, ritva.pakkanen@bc.fi.

1.5.7 Other Forms of Support

Personal additional guidance
If you need additional guidance or support in your studies, discuss it with your PCDP Tutor Teacher or the teacher teaching you. Our educational institution has different guidance and support methods that may progress advancing your studies. In addition, the study counsellors will help you in questions related to learning and your studies.

Open learning environment
An open learning environment is a classroom where you can complete individual studies, or parts of your qualification according to your personal study plan. You can study at the open learning environment when you first have discussed your situation with your PCDP tutor teacher, the curator, study counsellor, or the head of training. You can move to studying in the open learning environment when you studies are not progressing according to schedule, your situation requires speeding up your studies, or you need special arrangements for completing your studies. The open learning environment has a project group where vocational special education teacher Outi Waltonen is the teacher.

Student tutors
Annually, Business College Helsinki selects student tutors from among the student. The tutors act as the student representatives of our college in different events and school tours, if necessary. Tutors help you to orientate to the premises and services of the college. The term of the student tutors is the academic year, and the study counsellors are their instructors.

1.5.8 Student health care

Nurse receptions are free of charge.
Nurses’ reception on the YK floor, P28.
If you don’t have an appointment, reception is held from Monday to Friday from 11:30 to 13:00.
NB: Changes in reception times are possible.

Nurses’ Contact Details
Nurse Hannele Ahokas, tel. +358 (0)50 310 5586/information and communications technology students
Nurse Riitta Koskelainen, tel. +358 (0)50 323 4347/business and administration students
Nurse Hilma Maksimainen, (Tue-Fri) tel. +358 (0)40 486 3520/business and administration students
Nurse Krista Hassinen, (Mon and Fri), p. 040 5075930/business and administration students

Always book an appointment with the educational institution’s doctor through the nurses. Doctor’s health care appointments are free of charge. Appointments requiring medical care are organised at health centres. For Helsinki residents, appointments with the health centre doctors are free of charge, but others have to pay the health centre fee of 16,40 euros.
For no shows, a fee of 40,30 euros is charged for everyone over 15 years of age. The cancellation must be done on the previous weekday by noon.
All students have the opportunity to use the City of Helsinki’s oral health care services in addition to the services of their own place of residence.
Contact your health centre if you fall ill. In unclear situations, the health counselling telephone number will provide advice and instructions, tel. +358 (9) 310 10023/24 h at the cost of a regular phone call. The service also provides information on other health services.

1.5.9 Student welfare team

Business College Helsinki has a student welfare team that consists of the study counsellors, the teacher responsible for special education and the special education teachers, curators, psychologists, nurses, the school doctor, teacher and student members, the development manager and the head of training. The task of student welfare is to create a safe and healthy learning environment and promote the well-being and comfort of the educational institution community. The objective is to support students and maintain the educational institution community’s functional ability in situations threatening physical or mental health. Student welfare work promotes early identification of learning difficulties and other issues and intervening in them and prevents the discontinuation of education.

For more information about the operations, please contact the chairperson of the student welfare team, Education Director Antti Sirainen.

1.5.10. ICT Administration Services

ICT administration services develop and maintain the educational institution’s information systems and advises the students and personnel in matters related to the device and software environment.
ICT administration services and a customer support maintained by students are located on the fourth floor. The up-to-date opening hours can be found on the school’s website. Support requests and service advices for ICT administration services may also be sent to the address helpdesk@bc.fi.
Manuals and additional information about the device and software environments have been compiled on the Itslearning electronic learning environment.
Tel. 044 775 6374

1.5.11 International Services

You have great opportunities for multicultural and international activities in Finland, elsewhere in Europe and, for instance, in China and India.

We organise study trips abroad as well as international events. We provide the opportunity for a student exchange in our partnering college abroad, and we support you in many ways if you want to do your on-the-job learning abroad. Read more from ItsLearning, in the section Student’s instructions – International activities.

In addition to the qualification certificate, we grant the EBBD diploma (European Business Baccalaureate Diploma) for business management students who have excelled in their studies. The diploma is a proof of excellent competence in international business. For the diploma, the student must complete the International Studies for EBBD qualification unit in English, acquire international expertise by studying or working abroad as well as have competence in two foreign languages.

Contact details
Director, Education Kirsi Järvinen, kirsi.jarvinen@bc.fi

International affairs coordinators

Contact person for information and communications technology students: Orsolya Simon, orsolya.simon@bc.fi
Contact person for business management students: Marja Saarela, marja.saarela@bc.fi

International affairs coordinators are available in room 258a and their reception hours are:
Mon from 14:00 to 15:00
Tue from 9:15 to 10:15
Wed from 14:00 to 15:00
You can also make an appointment vie e-mail.

1.5.12 Student Union Colli Ry

Business College’s student union Colli ry supervises the interests of students and participates in developing the educational institution. The union affects the educational institution’s matters in different committees and working groups (for instance, the restaurant committee). The union is also in contact with national student organisations. The purpose of the union is to improve the community spirit of Business College Helsinki and promote the well-being of students by organising different events and theme days. The union is the connecting link between the educational institution’s students and personnel.
The union always selects its new board at the end of the year when anyone interested can run to become a member of the board.
Colli ry’s contact details: opiskelijayhdistys@bc.fi
Colli ry’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ColliRy

1.5.13 Meals

Full-time student are entitled to one free meal on their school days. Meals are not served during holidays or on days without teaching. There are three free meal options, and an extra option with an extra charge. If you wish to complete your meal or select a meal that is not free, you will charged according to the price list. If you wish to eat a second meal on the same day, the price is the same as the price for apprenticeship students. The line close to stairway C is meant for students with meal coins during rush hours. Remember to keep the meal coins with you at all times, and check what each meal contains.

The lunch at the student restaurant is free for the students of Business College Helsinki. The info services provides each student with a token, with which they can pay for their lunch at the student restaurant. You must return the token to info unharmed at the end of your studies at Business College Helsinki. If you lose, break or fail to return the token, you must pay a fee of 10 euros to compensate the costs of replacing it.

You can get a meal tailored to your specific diet by presenting a medical certificate in the restaurant at the beginning of the school year. Special meals are prepared separately, just for you, so please report any absences to the kitchen on the same day before nine in the morning.