Work on the campus

7.1 Computers with student access

All laptops are property of Helsinki Business College Ltd. You must take good care of the computers. The ownership of the computer is transferred to you upon graduation.

7.2 The educational institution’s premises and information desk services

You can find the information desk services from the first floor opposite to the main door. You can also contact the information desk via e-mail or telephone on +358 (0)044 775 6370.

The information desk helps and advises in the following matters:
• audiovisual equipment (user support, borrowing cameras and equipment)
• updated on the information TV screen
• meal coins
• booking premises
• lost & found
• borrowing sports equipment
• feedback on maintenance and cleaning
• matters related to security and premises supervision

Please note that attaching advertisements and notifications anywhere else than the bulletin boards is forbidden. All unauthorised notes on doors and walls will be removed.

For safety reasons, skateboarding and rollerblading on the college’s premises and indoors is strictly forbidden! Boards and skates are left at home when coming to the educational institution or they are stored in your own locker.

If a student breaks, vandalises or damages the property of the building or the college, they are liable for damages. The monetary amount of damages depends on the costs of the created damage: the value of the broken property, and/or the time used in repairing it. Primarily, the repair time by a maintenance technician, for instance, is charged. It is EUR 40 per starting hour in small damages.

The building has an access control system. In addition to a guard, the premises are supervised by round-the-clock CCTV.

The lift works with an access card and it is reserved for the use of persons with physical disabilities, visitors and personnel.

The gym is available for the students’ use during opening hours when there is no teaching on the premises. The gym’s timetable can be found on the intranet, the information desk’s bulletin board and on the gym door.

The college has a quiet room 362 for reflection, meditation and praying. The room is open to all students.

The building’s doors are open on schooldays as follows:
Mon–Thu from 07:30 to 19:00, Fri from 07:30 to 15:30. There are separate schedules for holiday times.

Exit only through A and B stairwells through the 1st floor and the main door after the building has closed. The information desk is always open when the building is open. The information desk’s on-duty telephone number is +358 (0)44 775 6370.

7.3 Green Office

We are a Green Office approved by WWF. The purpose of WWF’s Green Office is to decrease carbon dioxide emissions and to cut the ecological footprint. Our educational institution has been granted the Green Office label as an acknowledgement of our work for recycling and sustainable development.

The Green Office matters are planned and coordinated by the Green Office team led by Miika Salmi. If you have any ideas, recommendations or comments or if you are interested in joining the operations, even for a short period of time, contact Miika Salmi vie e-mail

Each classroom has bins for paper and mixed waste for sorting and recycling. In addition, there are recycling points along the corridors. The dining hall and kitchen have biowaste containers for biowaste. Please note that one of the largest carbon footprints is created in agriculture and producing food. Only take an amount of food that you can eat. This way, you can support sustainable development.

Learning premises have automatic lights that work with motion detectors. We use the electronic learning environment to save paper. Fixed computers have been replaced with laptops given to students, which has decreased electricity consumption significantly.

In accordance with the Green Office principles, paper must be used sparingly and only for printing work related to studies. In addition, we participate the Earth Hour campaign every year, organise an environmental theme day and Green Office information events.
Let’s make environmentally sensible choices!